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Vocalmetrics – interactive visualization and classification of multidimensional data

VOCALMETRICS (best use with Chrome browser)
is a an interactive tool for the visualization and classification of multidimensional data. It uses geometric visualization techniques, introduces the Prototype Visualization as a new metaphor for representing similarities between data sets and offers rating tools to set subjective features/ attributes of a data set (e.g. musical characteristics depending on perception).

Vocalmetrics is also available as a download to run it on your local machine:
Vocalmetrics v1.1.3 (Windows x86)

Documentation (user manual):

I developed the software in cooperation with Axel Berndt (University of Technology Dresden) and the DFG research project Voice and Singing (The LISZT SCHOOL of Music Weimar).

Publications and talks:
__ Schönfeld, F.; Berndt, A.; Hähnel, T.; Pfleiderer, M. & Groh, R. (2014). Vocalmetrics: An interactive software for visualization and classification of music. In: Audio Mostly 2014: 9th Conf.\ on Interaction with Sound—Imagining Sound and Music Aalborg, Denmark: ACM.
__ Felix Schönfeld, Tilo Hähnel: Vocalmetrics: exploring multiple dimensions of singing in early popular music recordings, in: Proceedings of the Sempre MET 2014. Researching Music, Education, Technology: Critical Insights, hrsg. von Evangelos Himonides und Andrew King, London, 2014, S. 145–147.